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On the topic of niche brands that make us smile but are also genuinely awesome… have you heard of A Beautiful Life? We spotted them at Urban Outfitters and now we are trying everything. So expect a few more glimpses into things they make after this fragrant post…


A Beautiful Life has a collection of perfumes that are cutesy-cool and unlike anything you’ve ever smelled. Pictured above (a top Lisa Frank #FBF) is their signature I Hate Unicorns and a new one called Composition - in lure of the BTS season.

We are a little obsessed with I Hate Unicorns… mostly because it’s a delicious and juicy melange of bright aromas that send us straight back to the 90’s when all of our paper products had a bit of rainbow on them. If Lisa Frank had a smell, it would be I Hate Unicorns. 

Composition captures the bitter-sweet essence of going back to school with a hint of tart green apple and a whole lot of crisp paper and cozy sweaters. Get anywhere near this fragrance and I guarantee you will be rushed into a wave of middle school nostalgia

Does This: Perfumes that bring you back to a fruitier/simpler time
Is This: A Beautiful Life I Hate Unicorns & Composition perfume
Get This: A Beautiful Life.com (I Hate Unicorns \ Composition)
Price: both $52 for 60ml


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